It is hard to think logically about emotionally charged issues, and even harder to make a logical argument for something you believe to be true that is not a trivial fact. To keep yourself honest and to avoid being deceived by others, I recommend reading An illustrated book of Bad Arguments by Ali Almossawi. It is a book about methods of arguing that are logically invalid. Once you read it you will recognize people trying to persuade you with bad logic everywhere - from cable news, to politicians, to religious leaders, to friends and family. My hope is that it will help you to think more critically about everything, and reject logically invalid arguments. I will do my best on this site to avoid bad arguments.

I believe in the concept of Truth, however we must resist the urge to think about all things in black and white, true and false terms. There are truths that are trivial facts, and there are truths about high level concepts. I firmly believe in them both. For example, a trivial truth is that the Earth is a sphere (roughly). A high level truth is that Donald Trump is an exceptionally bad person and one of our worst presidents (worst of my lifetime at least). Another high level truth is that Christianity is myth, as are all religions. Acknowledging the existence of truth does not contradict the idea that we should not analyze everything as black and white. I've learned throughout my life that most things are grey. I cannot label everything Donald Trump did in office as bad and I acknowledge that Christianity has many beneficial values.

Some truths about Donald Trump, stated without supporting arguments for now:

The work of supporting these claims has been done by numerous people and organizations since 2016. If you think any of these claims are untrue then you should consider your sources of information. If you are limiting your information sources to those that are biased to support Trump you should know that a lot of factual information is intentionally being withheld from you.