Free Speech

Speech is dangerous, unfortunately even here in the USA. There are numerous consequences to saying things that other people don't like, even in this country:

Because of all the downsides to speaking our minds, most of us don't, and we all suffer for that. As a society, we benefit from free speech because it allows us to find truth. Truth is essential for scientific progress, which underpins so many things: health, education, military power, economic growth, etc. Truth is also essential for justice and fairness, which are necessary for peace.

Unfortunately, there are always individuals who think they can suppress truth with violence. When people are emotionally attached to a belief (religion, political, etc.) and they cannot logically defend it, they get angry. Anger can come from the frustration of their inability to logically defend something they strongly believe to be true. If they recognize that they were wrong, they may feel shame. These strong emotions make violence a tempting "solution": might makes right.

If you are tempted to use violence to resolve a disagreement, don't. You cannot win with violence, you can only delay the inevitable. Truth will be known. People inherently understand logic. Logic is math, it is fundamental to our existence. If you kill everyone who disagrees with you, someone else will become enlightened some day with the truth. If all of human life on earth is wiped out along with all recorded materials, eventually intelligent life will evolve again and that life will find the truth. You, the person wielding violence to suppress truth, are a speed bump in the path of intelligent life pursuing one of it's purposes. Is that your purpose?