Good and Evil

I believe these concepts are universal, and fairly simply defined. Good is anything you do that helps other living things, but from a human perspective primarily we are concerned with helping humans. Evil is anything that harms other living things, but again we are primarily concerned with harming humans. Many of our actions do not fall into the good or evil buckets, and we should recognize and accept that. While I think these definitions are fairly complete, it does not mean that two people who believe them will always agree on what is good and what is evil. For example, organisms at the top of the food chain will struggle to survive without harming any living thing. In spite of that, I think there are steps that can be taken by organisms at the top of the food chain to minimize the evil they do while maintaining a satisfying quality of life. One idea for humans would be to stop eating meat from factory farms, although I haven't managed to achieve this for myself or my family yet.